IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging

Statement of Editorial Policy

IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MEDICAL IMAGING (T-MI) encourages the submission of manuscripts on imaging of body structures, usually in situ, rather than microscopic biological entities. The journal publishes original contributions on medical imaging achieved by various modalities, such as ultrasound, X-rays (including CT), magnetic resonance, radionuclides, microwaves, and light. as well as medical image processing and analysis, visualization, pattern recognition, and related methods. Studies involving highly technical perspectives are most welcome. The journal focuses on a unified common ground where instrumentation, systems, components, hardware and software, mathematics and physics contribute to the studies.

Readers are encouraged to submit manuscripts as regular papers or communications. To qualify for publication, these must be previously unpublished and not be under consideration elsewhere. The Editor-in-Chief and an Associate Editor will perform a quick review of each manuscript to evaluate the manuscript in terms of novelty, quality and appropriateness and may return the manuscript immediately if it does not meet minimum standards of quality and originality. Manuscripts will ONLY be accepted in electronic format through a new system called Manuscript Central. Please go to the Manuscript Central website at or to the TMI website to find instructions to create an account and electronically submit your manuscript. Do not send original submissions or revisions directly to the Editor-in-Chief or Associate Editors. If you are unable to submit your contribution electronically, please contact the Editor-in-Chief, Professor Max A. Viergever, at

Manuscripts. For purposes of qualifying for peer review and consideration for publication, authors must submit a properly executed copyright form in favor of IEEE, sign an Author consent form, agree to a mandatory page charge for overlength manuscripts or color figures, and prepare a manuscript according to the following guidelines:

1.The manuscript should not exceed 30 double-spaced pages (one full blank line between lines of type) using a font size of 11 points or larger, having a margin of at least 1" on all sides. The manuscripts including the figures, should be converted to postscript or PDF for upload to Manuscript Central.

2. The abstract must be no more than 200 words for regular papers.

3. Figures should appear after the text, one figure per page. A separate list of figure captions should be included, keyed to figure numbers marked on each illustration.

4. References should appear in a separate reference section at the end of this paper with items referred to by numerals in square brackets. References must be complete in the IEEE style as follows: Style for papers: Author(s), first initials followed by last name, title, periodical, volume, inclusive page numbers, month, year. Style for books: Author(s), title, location, publisher, year, chapter, page numbers. An electronic style file for references is available at

Published papers that exceed eight (8) journal pages will incur mandatory overlength page charges. Since changes recommended as a result of peer review may require additions to the manuscript, it is strongly recommended that authors practice economy in preparing original submissions. Do not send original artwork until you are notified to do so, if and when your paper is accepted for publication.

Communications. Short communication papers disclosing new ideas and preliminary results, and manuscripts commenting critically and substantively on papers published in the TRANSACTIONS are also encouraged. Such items may not exceed seven (7) double-spaced pages using 11 point type, with margins of 1" minimum on all sides, and including: title, names and contact information for authors, abstract, text, references, and an appropriate number of illustrations and/or tables, along with a properly executed copyright form in favor of IEEE. Papers less than five printed pages will be published as Communications, but they will incur page charges above the three (3) page limit (see page charges below).

Copyright. By policy, IEEE owns the copyright to the technical contributions it publishes on behalf of the interests of the IEEE, its authors, and their employers; and to facilitate the appropriate reuse of this material by others. To comply with United States copyright law, authors are required to sign and submit a completed IEEE Copyright Form with their original submissions and again with the finalized manuscript prior to publication. This form, a copy of which appears in issues of the transactions, returns to authors and their employers full rights to reuse their material for their own purposes. offers an electronic version of the copyright form.

Page Charges and Reprints: After a manuscript has been accepted for publication, the author will be requested to pay a page charge of $110.00 per printed page to cover the cost of publication. If this charge, which is not a prerequisite for publications, is honored, the author will receive 100 free reprints. Additional reprints may be ordered upon return of proofs. A mandatory page charge ($220 per page after the first eight) is imposed on all papers of length exceeding eight TRANSACTIONS pages (about 28 double-spaced typed pages), including illustrations. Details are provided at the time of acceptance; however, authors are urged to keep this in mind when submitting and revising their papers.

 Professor Max A. Viergever

University of Utrecht

Image Siences Institute

University Medical Center Utrecht

AZU Hp. Q.S.459

P. O. Box 85500

3508 GA Utrecht, The Netherlands


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