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  • Estimation of Large Motion in Lung CT by Integrating Regularized Keypoint Correspondences into Dense Deformable Registration
  • Multi-Modality Imaging Enables Detailed Hemodynamic Simulations in Dissecting Aneurysms in Mice
  • Entropy of Ultrasound-Contrast-Agent Velocity Fields for Angiogenesis Imaging in Prostate Cancer
  • Isotropic Total Variation Regularization of Displacements in Parametric Image Registration
  • Dynamic Electrical Source Imaging (DESI) of Seizures and Interictal Epileptic Discharges Without Ensemble Averaging
  • Special Edition: Deep Learning in Medical Imaging, May 2016


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IEEE TMI Special Issue on Machine Learning for Image Reconstruction
ISBI April 4-7, 2018, Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, D.C.

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TRANSACTIONS ON MEDICAL IMAGING (T-MI) encourages the submission of manuscripts on imaging of body structure, morphology and function, including cell and molecular imaging and all forms of microscopy. The journal publishes original contributions on medical imaging achieved by modalities including ultrasound, x-rays, magnetic resonance, radionuclides, microwaves, and optical methods. Contributions describing novel acquisition techniques, medical image processing and analysis, visualization and performance, pattern recognition, machine learning, and related methods are encouraged. Studies involving highly technical perspectives are most welcome.

The focus of the journal is on unifying the sciences of medicine, biology, and imaging. It emphasizes the common ground where instrumentation, hardware, software, mathematics, physics, biology, and medicine interact through new analysis methods. Strong application papers that describe novel methods are particularly encouraged. Papers describing important applications based on medically adopted and/or established methods without significant innovation in methodology will be directed to other journals.

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